UK Universities are well-known around the world, with four of the top ten universities in the world hailing from the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, a bachelor’s degree takes three years to complete, while a master’s degree takes one year. The United Kingdom provides a variety of scholarships to students of all backgrounds, including those dependent on athletic needs, cultural heritage, and more. The UK is well linked to some of the most beautiful countries in the world, such as Paris, Spain, Germany, Italy, and so on, so you can fly across Europe while saving money with your student pass.

Other Perks

  • There is no application fee and no official score reporting.
  • Placement and internship programs are available, allowing students to gain experience in the office environment while still in school.
  • Spouse has the freedom to work full-time.
  • After completing your studies, you will be granted a two-year post-study work permit.
  • FREE health benefits from the NHS, if a student is enrolled in a full-time course.
  • Scholarships and funding options based on merit during the research period.

Quick Enquiry

Entry specifications:

Before the institutions confirm the admissions TOEFL or IELTS are required for English language proficiency. British council organizes IELTS and results take 2-3 weeks. The minimum score required for IELTS is 5.5 to 7.0 and 200 to 250 (CBT) for TOEFL. For MBA programs most universities do not require a GMAT score 


For international students, some universities and colleges offer up to 2000 pounds of scholarships. Sometimes IELTS score is considered while awarding a scholarship to international students and some scholarships are based on merits.

There are also departmental scholarships awarded to students for particular courses only in some of the universities. 

For details about scholarships in the UK please refer to the following links :

Engineering Degrees 60% – 85%

Maths and Physics 6.0 No less than 6.0/5.5

Computer Degrees 60% – 85%

Computer 6.0 No less than 6.0/5.5
Business Degrees 55%-85% Commerce/Accounting / Business / Maths – as per the module requirement 6.0 No less than 6.0/5.5
Other Degrees 55%-85% According to the Specific module requirement 6.0 No less than 6.0/5.5
Engineering Degrees 55% or above

Maths and Physics 6.5 No less than 6.0/5.5

Computer Degrees 55% or above

Computer 6.5 No less than 6.0/5.5
Business Degrees 50% or above Commerce/Accounting / Business / Maths – as per the module requirement 6.5 No less than 6.0/5.5
Other Degrees 50% above According to the Specific module requirement 6.5 No less than 6.0/5.5
  • Business Studies
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Biological sciences
  • Politics
  • Art and Design
  • Law
High Ranked Universities in the UK
  • University College London
  • Imperial College London
  • University Of Chicago
  • Cambridge University
  • Stanford University
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Required university application documents

    Along with your personal information, you will need to submit photocopied evidence confirming your identity and academic history. These may include:

    • Birth certificate 
    • Passport, national identification card 
    • Reference letters, if required 
    • Evidence of English competency
    • Copies of degree/diploma certificates 
    • Academic transcripts
    • Graduate applicants may also be required to submit a research proposal

    Most of all of the document copies will have to be certified by a professional authority, which will confirm their authenticity. If a document/statement is not in English, an official notarized translation may be required.

    In some cases, universities may ask for additional documents after you have submitted your application. To avoid delays or missed deadlines, send your evidence with plenty of time in advance.

  • When to Apply for a UK Student Visa?

    The ideal time to apply for a UK Student visa would depend on when the program is scheduled to begin. However, applying at least six months before the start of the program, the decision on which will be issued within the next three weeks. 

    How to Apply?

    Here are the steps that an Indian student needs to follow in order to apply for a UK student visa:

    • Find out which visa to apply for
    • Apply for the visa
    • Pay visa fees
    • Upload all documents
    • Schedule an appointment at a visa application center
    • Wait for the visa application decision 
    • Collect all documents 
    List of Documents Required for UK Visa Application for Indian Student

    When applying for a UK student visa, an Indian student must provide:

    • A current valid passport or any other valid travel document
    • A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the UK institution
    One may also be asked to provide the following:
    • Evidence that one has sufficient funds to support themselves and pay for their course and cover living costs and other expenses.
    • In case the applicant is under 18 years of age, proof of consent of parents or other guardians must be produced. The consent should be for visa application, living and care arrangements in the UK, travel to the UK. A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate with the names of parents may also be asked to be produced.
    • A valid ATAS certificate 
    • In case the applicant is under 18 years of age, proof of relationship with their parents or other guardians must be produced.
    • Results of tuberculosis tests
    • A written from the financial sponsor in case the applicant has received sponsorship for tuition fees and living costs.
    • Additional documents may be requested depending on the circumstances.
    How long can you stay on a UK Student Visa?

    An Indian student in the UK can stay depending on the length of their academic program and what their current academic qualification is. If the program is below degree level, then an applicant can stay in the UK for up to 2 years, and if the course is at degree level, they can stay for up to 5 years. 

    According to the new UK student visa route, overseas students who complete their Ph.D. from Summer 2021 will be allowed to stay and work in the UK for three years after completion of their studies. 

Estimated cost to be incurred by a student for a year of study 1 £ = INR 100/- (approx.)
Particulars Amount in £ Amount in Rs.
Exam Fees 14,000
(For UKVI IELTS 15,100)
Tuition Fees 14,000 14,00,000
Living Cost 9,600 9,60,000
Visa Fees 35,000
NHS Health Surcharge (£470 per year + £235) 705 70,500
Total 24,79,500
Less Part Time Earnings 6,000 6,00,000
Net Cost 18,79,500
Assistantships/Scholarships Yes
Nature of Part-Time Jobs Off-campus 20 hrs. per week
During Vacation 40 hrs. per week

  • To get PR in the UK, one needs to demonstrate a stable income along with a full-time job and good moral conduct. For a strong CV and to boost his/her employment prospects, the student should work while learning through internships.
  •  Upon finishing their studies, they should get a full-time job.
  • After 5 years of working, one can apply for the ‘indefinite leave to remain’ ILR Visa which gives them the ‘permanent resident status.
  • They will also be required to pass the Knowledge of Life in the UK test and a recognized English Language test








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